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Store Policies

Privacy & Safety


Transmission of sensitive financial and payment information is submitted on our secure https server. Under no circumstances will we ask that you submit your payment information in a non-secure environment. 
Payment for orders may be made by check or money order, Visa or MasterCard, or Paypal (visa, mastercard, discover, amex, echeck, etc).


Isabella Costumiere will not, under any circumstances sell, distribute, or share your personal information to any third party entity. We take great care to insure that your privacy is protected and will only use this information in the manner implied by each form on this web site.

Policy on Unsolicited Email
Under no circumstances does Isabelle Costumiere condone, encourage, promote, or participate in the act of sending unsolicited email.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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