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Custom Measurements

To obtain proper measurements you should have someone else take your measurements for you, or print out this page and take it to a local tailor or alteration/dry cleaning shop and have them take your measurements for you.  They may charge a small fee, but it is well worth it for a properly fitted garment.  In the case you are having a friend take your measurements, take each measurement three times and give the average measurement.


To begin, tie a string snugly around your natural waist.  This is usually just above the belly button.  This will be used as a marker for taking the vertical measurements.


When taking the round measurements it is very important to make certain the tape measure is very horizontal.  It should not rise up or dip down around the body.  Also, measurements should be taken snug to the skin, but not tight.  If measurements are taken over clothing, be sure the clothes are very thin, do not take measurements over bulky clothes, i.e. jeans, sweaters, oversized shirts, etc.

Please submit measurements HERE

Underbusts and Cinchers

Take measurements #’s 2 through 11(except #6).


Take measurements #’s 1 through 16, include #17 for shoulder straps.

All round measurements should be snug to the skin, not tight as explained above.

1: Full Bust: Should be taken around the fullest part of the bust.

#2: Underbust: around ribcage just under bra line or bust

#3:  Natural waist measurement (this is usually just above the belly button), and amount of waist reduction(if this is your 1st corset we recommend a max. of 4” reduction for natural waist sizes under

32", for natural waist sizes 32" and up we recommend a 5-6" reduciton).

#4: Hips 3" down from waist: Measure 3” down from waistline and take the round measurement

#5: Hips 5" down from waist:  Measure 5” down from waistline and take round measurement.

#6: High bust, approx 2” above nipple.

#7: Widest hip:  Please give the measurement around the fullest part of the hip and how far below the waist line.

#8: Waist to Underbust: This is as high as the corset will come under the bust.

#9: Center front Waist to corset top

        Underbusts: this should be anywhere from ½” to 2” higher than waist to underbust depending on the desired point or rise between bust.

        Overbusts this will depend on the amount of plunge between the breats or height for straighter top overbusts.

#10: Center front waist to corset bottom.  For this measurement sit and measure from waist to lap, this is as low as the corset will come at bottom front.

#11: Underarm waist to corset top

           Underbusts: usually ½” to 1” higher than waist to underbust

           Cinchers: dips down lower under arm, typically ½” to 1” lower than waist to underbust

           Overbusts: as high as you would like the corset under the arm

#12: Side waist to corset bottom: typically 3” to 5” below waist.  For Edwardian’s and longerline corsets this is usually approx 6” plus.  

#13: Waist to nipple: Take curving to contours of body and straight from center of nipple to waist.

#14: Nipple to corset top:  For Victorians top ends approx 1” to 3” depending upon amount of coverage desired.

#15: Nipple to nipple:   Measure straight across from center of nipple to center of nipple.

#16: Underarm to underarm Front:  Have arms at side.  Measure straight across from underarm to underarm.

#17: Shoulder Straps:  Measure from center of nipple over shoulder to waist back.


Shoulder straps

Measure from center of nipple to center of shoulder.  From center of shoulder straight down to waist back.  Then measure from center of nipple up over shoulder to waist back (should equal sum of first two measurements).


If you are on a weight loss program please do let me know so that I can factor that in when creating the pattern for your mock up.


I cannot stress enough the importance of proper measurements.  Ido not recommend taking your own measurements.  Your corset will be made to the measurements you supply us with and Isabella Corsetry cannot be held responsible for incorrect or inaccurate measurements.

Please submit measurements HERE

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