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Corset Wear and Care

We advise wearing your corset over a thin undergarment such as a tank top, camisole, slip, or tube.  This will help keep perspiration and body oils from your corset.  If you are a daily corset wearer we recommend alternating between 2 corsets to allow the corset to air out between wearings.



Before putting on your corset put stockings, shoes, or socks on first.  This will be difficult once your corset is on.

Your corset will arrive to you properly laced up the back.

To begin, open the busk at the front and loosen the lacings of the corset so that all of the excess lacing at the waistline is distributed from the top to bottom so that you can easily wrap the corset around your body.


Next wrap the corset around your body and fasten the busk.  Start with the hooks in the middle of the busk and work to the top and bottom from there.


Once the busk is fastened begin pulling the lacings in a bit at the loops at the waistline. Make sure the corset is sitting at your waist and is centered.


Now you are ready to finish lacing the corset.  Begin pulling the lacings in with the loop located at the waistline.  Pull the excess lacing front the top down to the waist and bottom up to the waist until the corset feels snug but not too tight.  It is important for the first few wearings not  to cinch the corset too tight.  Your corset and body need time to break in.  With each wearing your will be able to close the corset a little more.  Remember to take it slow, don't rush it.


Once the laces are pulled in it's time to tie the lacing.  You can tie a large bow and allow the lacings to drape.  Or if you would like to minimize the lacings you can tie a small bow and take the excess lacing and pull it straight down and tuck it up under the bottom edge of the corset.



ALWAYS loosen the lacings all the way BEFORE undoing the front busk.  You need the slack to open the busk properly.  Not doing so could damage the busk.  Undo the hooks similar to the beginning.  Start towards the middle and work out from there.



After wearing allow your corset to air out by draping over the back of a chair or hanger.  After your corset has been aired out you can store it rolled up in a drawer or hang from  a hanger.



Corsets are dry clean only.  For light cleaning you can use a damp rag to spot clean.  Never submerge your corset in water.

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