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Customizing your corset

|We offer a wide range of customization options for your corset.  Both our made to order and our bespoke options can be customized to create your dream corset.

Our Made to Order corsets are cut from a standard sized pattern.  Small adjustmets can be made to the fit when cutting if you need a little adjustment to the bust or hip.  

Our Bespoke Corsets are hand patterned to your personal set of measurements, we then create a mock up which can be fit in person or mailed for out of town customers.  One mock up fitting is included with all bespoke corsets.

Below is a list of customizing options with estimated addiional pricing:


  • satins: include in pricing

  • brocades:  $45

  • lace overlay: $50+

  • cotton, solids and prints: most included in pricing

  • silk doupioni: $40

  • silk duchess satin: $75

  • leather: $125+

  • velvet: $50

  • english coutil: $45+

  • lace trims: $25+


  • plain white or black: $8per pair

  • embellished: $15+ per pair


  • simple straps: $40

  • halter straps: $40

  • wide straps: $45


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