Sirens Corset Inpiration Gallery

Satin Colors Options

From left to right:



hunter green

teal blue

dark purple



dark teal blue

royal blue

midnight navy

   Flip Sequins

Royal blue flip to green

purple flip to blue

Aqua flip to light purple

Green/blue flip to black

Net over flat squins

Iridescent net over:

navy sequins

royal sequins

black sequins

purple sequins

green/blue sequins

black back side of net can also be used

Alexandra Overbust in midnight navy satin with black flat sequins over peacock blue, black satin trim top, bottom, center front and side front bone casing

Dark purple satin with green/blue flip sequins

Teal green satin with royal blue satin bone casings and top and bottom trim

Forest green satin withe black net, black satin trim top, bottom, and bone casings