Around Halloween time I started feeling sick. What I thought was a cold turned out to be far more serious. Not Covid-19, but just as life threatening. Early last week I went into the er and was admitted into the ICU. I spent several days there and then a normal hospital room. I’m home now, but am going to take some time to recover. I will be getting all open orders sent out as soon as I am able. I will also be getting back to customers messages as soon as I can sit at my computer for a while.

Isabella Corsetry

Creating high quality handmade steel boned corsets in beautiful fabrics at affordable prices in New Orleans, LA.  

Photo Credit:  LeMew Photography


Isabella Corsetry has been creating high quality custom and ready to wear corsets since 1999.

We are located in New Orleans, LA and are available for fittings in our showroom by appointment. Contact us to schedule your fitting.

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